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Beauty is more than skin deep

Maibec is a North American benchmark for residential and commercial integrated siding systems. Whether it’s our genuine wood products that have been famous for over 40 years or our engineered material products, our coordinating accessories, our innovative installation solutions, or our recognized expertise in paint application process, we offer a complete range of complementing siding products of proven superior quality.

Our virtually infinite possibilities for customization, proactive customer service and credible warranties are also part of your Maibec experience – from the start of your project right up until the end. For you, this means a rich and timeless design that’s not only in line with architectural trends, but that also contributes to the value of your investment and to your peace of mind.

A solid reputation
built firmly on respect

Respect goes hand-in-hand with being an industry leader. After more than 40 years shaping the construction materials industry, respect is at the core of our cultural heritage. Respect for the inherent properties of the materials we work with, including with their aesthetics, possibilities and limitations. Respect for our customers through an ever-improved experience, both in terms of the quality and complementarity of the products we offer as well as in our help in making smart and informed choices. Respect for the needs of our business partners. Respect for the exceptional expertise of our 585 employees. Respect for our commitments, which we honour with credible warranties.

We have built this reputation with passion and responsibility. It is the reason why we maintain our high standards over the decades and demonstrate eco-responsibility by using every tree to its full potential according to its inherent properties.

Know-how as a catalyst
for innovative solutions

Maibec’s multidisciplinary teams are able to expertly bring together all of the aspects that go into crafting well-made, high performance products that reflect today’s needs and trends. From our R&D efforts, which focus on product performance and aesthetics, to our deep understanding of the materials, from profiling to paint application process, Maibec’s know-how shines through in our strict quality control, from the raw materials right up to the final product.

This know-how extends beyond our products to your Maibec experience. We approach every project as unique. It’s the reason why we offer a virtually endless selection of customized colours, a variety of siding profiles and surface finishes, and multiple installation possibilities, so that you can create your own signature project. We take pride in this expertise, which we enthusiastically develop and share through our advice and customer service during all stages of your Maibec experience.

Performing solutions
as first warranties

Our complete and integrated offer stands out through concrete advantages that bring peace of mind to your project. Our products and systems are backed by credible warranties that we stand by. We partner with the industry’s best to ensure reliability and durability. Our flexible and complementary siding offer allow you to create a project that suits any architectural trend while also reflecting your personal tastes.

Our culture and ability to innovate, firmly anchored in today’s needs and fuelled by our collaborations with key industry players, means we can offer possibilities in line with your views of design, quality and durability. A project that you can be proud of, whose value will be protected by long-lasting performance.

Commitment as the pivot
of customer experience

Easy access to knowledgeable advice and support from experts who listen to your needs are at the heart of our culture of commitment. For us, customer service is not an add-on; it’s an integral part of ensuring you enjoy all of the benefits our products have to offer.

Whether you are a home owner, a contractor or an architect, we are available to advise you through every stage of your project. Looking for additional information on how Maibec products are made, installed or maintained? Need training or help with planning your Maibec project? You can always speak to us directly, visit our website or refer to our extensive distribution network for more information. This is how we see commitment: as a crucial pivot of customer experience.