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Other suggested terra colours.

<b>terra</b> colours
maibec's <b>terra</b> inspiration

Our Terra inspirations feature rich earth shades of brown, ochre and red that blend seamlessly with the ever-changing beauty of the surrounding woodlands.

Projects :


A unique profile… with double the impact! The horizontal lines add volume, while the vertical lines accentuate the height. The result is a home with perfect proportions.

Channel – Vertical and horizontal 1” x 6”
2” inside or outside corner – 2” x 4” and 2” x 5”
1” fascia – 1” x 6”

Suggested colours

			Saddlery 323

Saddlery 323

			Porcelaine 315

Porcelaine 315

inspiration - terra
inspiration - terra
inspiration - terra
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