Your guide to a hassle-free project. Congratulations on choosing genuine wood. To ensure your project starts off on the right foot, we’ve prepared a list of key steps involved in installing new siding. This list will go a long way toward ensuring your Maibec products are installed and maintained properly so that they remain in optimal condition for many years to come.
Get inspired!

Find your inspiration.

See stunning ideas for achieving your dream home! Our portfolio of completed Maibec projects will help you form a clearer idea of the overall look you want to achieve. You’ll find even more inspiration with our other handy tools: Get great ideas on architectural styles and colour combinations in our Inspiration section, or peruse our Find Your Style section for traffic-stopping creations and advice! Need more ideas? Check out our Houzz page!

Select your products and colours.

Choose your Maibec products. If you already know the overall look you’re trying to achieve, it’s time to find the right products. Choose from our wide selection of siding, shingles and mouldings, available in various finishes, shapes, sizes and colours. If you need help finding the right products and combinations, our Portfolio section contains details about all the Maibec products that went into each project. Or ask a designer or your Maibec retailer for advice. Their expert knowledge will go a long way toward helping you choose the right mix of products and colours.

Order your samples.

Order samples of your Maibec products. Ordering samples is the best way to ensure you’ve chosen the right colour, finish and profile. You can order samples free of charge online, anytime. Your samples will arrive within 5 working days. If you will be ordering Maibec products in a custom colour, you will be required to include a sample number with your order. This will ensure you get the exact colour you want.

Plan your project

Plan your project.

Identify the key steps of the work to be done. Will you be hiring a contractor to do the work, or will you be installing the siding yourself? Will your project involve others professionals who will be installing doors or windows, for example? Take the time to create a work schedule—including who will be involved and when—before you begin the installation.

Find a contractor.

Take the time to find the right contractor for your project. If you’re thinking of hiring a contractor to install your Maibec siding, take the time to research your options and what’s involved. If you’ll be doing the work yourself, carefully read our Installation Guide so that you fully understand all of the steps before you begin. We recommend that you read this guide even if a contractor will be doing the work; that way you’ll be able to understand and follow the installation process while the work is in progress.

Set a budget.

You now have everything you need to set your budget. You’ve already received a quote from your contractor and the price of your Maibec products (either from your retailer or contractor). Using our Quantity Calculator, you can make a fairly accurate estimate of the total cost of your project.

Get started!

Order your Maibec products.

It’s now time to order your Maibec products. You can order your Maibec products either through your contractor or directly from your Maibec retailer. You can find a retailer near you with our Find a Retailer tool. Plan for about four weeks for delivery (with the exception of products in our Trends program). Remember to also order any accessories you’ll need for installing your siding, such as nails and staples.

Be sure to ask for a copy of your siding invoice and keep it in a safe place. You will need it if you ever require after-sales service or want to transfer any remaining warranty coverage when you sell your home.

Prepare for installation.

Ensure everything is ready for the installation of your siding Prepare the walls for installing the siding. What this entails will depend on your home and the requirements outlined in our Installation Guide. Consult the section Wall Preparation to ensure all requirements are met. You can also watch our online installation video.

Keep an eye on the work.

Be sure to oversee the work in progress. Whether you’ve decided to do the work yourself or are entrusting it to a contractor, it’s vital that you are certain the work is being done properly. As the site supervisor, it’s your role to ensure all the necessary steps are being followed so that your siding is installed properly.

Maintain your siding.

Keep your siding in peak condition. As with all exterior products, siding is prone to accumulate organic or inorganic substances on its surface over time. This must be expected as every environment has its own realities. It is therefore important to check your siding on a regular basis to ensure its longevity. Consult our Maintenance Guide for more information. Remember to periodically restain your siding as recommended so that it stays like new!