About Maibec

Maibec – Siding System Specialist

Originally a lumber manufacturer, our family-run business now focuses on the production and marketing of exterior siding systems.

Maibec genuine wood siding is the expression of our recognized ability to bring out all the natural and inherent potential of every tree. Warm and inviting, it reflects your preference for authenticity while also emphasizing your beliefs in choosing quality, durable materials that are in harmony with the environment and any architectural style.

Maibec Resistech™ engineered siding takes performance and functionality even further. Its pretreated oriented strand board construction reinforces its structure and creates a uniform appearance in any colour of your choice. It is easy to install and to maintain, and its strength is optimized with Maibec’s proven paint application process.

Whether it’s our genuine wood products that have been famous for over 40 years or our engineered material products, our coordinating accessories, our innovative installation solutions, or our recognized expertise in the paint application process, we offer a complete range of complementing siding products of proven superior quality. Our virtually infinite possibilities for customization, proactive customer service and credible warranties are also part of your Maibec experience – from the start of your project right up until the end.

We also offer horticultural mulch in various species and colours to enhance the beauty of your landscape and make gardening easier.

Behind every product we develop and manufacture is a dedicated team of 585 employees working in three regions of Quebec: Saint-Pamphile, Saint-Theophile and Levis, as well as in Balmoral, New Brunswick..

Since our foundation more than 70 years ago, Maibec has grown to become a North American leader in genuine exterior wood siding. Today, we are proud to be a siding system specialist.