Choose Maibec

Wood. With conviction. With passion.

Like you, we have chosen wood. Because we believe wood is the best choice for exterior siding. As the ultimate green material, wood upholds our environmentally responsible vision while also ensuring dependable strength and durability. Given our ages-old emotional bond with this organic material, it’s no wonder genuine wood siding has transcended the ever-changing styles and trends over the years.

We are passionate about offering the best that wood has to offer. Our high-performance genuine wood siding and shingles are built to reflect your preference for authentic, environmentally sound products.

Wood: The essence
of our nature

For over 40 years, our day-to-day efforts have focused on making the most of each tree’s full potential. How? By respecting the inherent properties and limitations of this valuable natural resource.

From harvesting the tree to delivering the final product, we control every step in the wood processing chain. This close oversight, and our unique know-how, allow us to infuse our environmentally-responsible vision into everything we do. Our innovations over the decades have made us a leader in North America. Maibec is more than simply the industry benchmark for genuine wood siding and shingles, we are a trusted steward of environmentally responsible siding products.

the resource

To fully bring out the richness of wood, you first need to understand its mechanical properties and natural limitations. Our extensive expertise allows us to combine the best of human ingenuity with wood’s inherent qualities to produce a final product that’s stronger and more durable than the resource itself.

A spruce tree takes nearly half a century to be ready for harvesting. It has taken us just as long to achieve our high level of expertise. Over decades we have mastered the art of harvesting, cutting and shaping wood. Our extensive know-how is what makes Maibec genuine wood siding products so unique.

colour chemistry

The finish plays a critical role in the final quality and appearance of Maibec products—whether it’s a solid colour or one of our Natural tones. Achieving the perfect wood-finish blend hinges on three key factors: having control over the resource, optimizing the wood’s receptivity to the finish, and working closely with top stain manufacturers. We have always developed our colour chemistry and factory staining process around wood’s inherent properties. Working with the wood, instead of against it, is what sets our siding products apart.

We use some of the industry’s most sophisticated equipment to create our products. Then we subject them to rigorous compliance and extreme conditions testing. This attention to detail is the reason why Maibec products are so famous for their consistency and uniformity—right down to the square inch—order after order.


Genuine wood products are always in good taste. Our complementing siding, shingles, mouldings and stains will suit any architectural style—including the latest trends.

Our passion for wood and architecture inspires us. We are constantly exploring new stains and innovating with new finishes. We are proud to promote genuine wood as an authentic and responsible material that suits any home, any style, any era.

The blue fibre

The blue fibre flows through our veins like the sap that nourishes the tree. This blue fibre has its roots in our most cherished value: respect. Respect for the resource, respect for the promises we make.

We promise to provide quality products backed by credible warranties. We promise to help with your product choices, training, installation and maintenance. We promise to be accessible, both through our large network of representatives and retailers, as well as through our dedicated customer service team. We promise to offer a customer experience focused on your complete satisfaction. We promise to honour our role as North America’s leading manufacturer of genuine wood siding.