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January 30, 2020

Learn the difference between Maibec traditional breakable shims

Maibec makes both breakable shims and traditional shims. See what makes them different!

Most contractors already know about Maibec traditional shims. They are sold in a 42 shim pack and Maibec has been producing them for years. These individual shims are 16" long and 1 ¼" wide. Maibec now also produces breakable shims. 

Maibec breakable shims come in a 42 shim pack as well, but shims are attached in sets of 3. Eat set of 3 shims is completely sawed on one side and partially sawed on the other. You simply break them apart with your hands to end up with 3 individual shims. In other words, once you separate the shims, you end up with the exact same product as our traditional shims.


In the end, they’re not so different after all!

Both types are made of Eastern White Cedar.


For more information on our full range of Eastern white cedar shingles, visit the '' Genuine wood siding - Products - Shingle '' section on our website!

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