Maibec’s time-saving woven corners

16 August 2018

When installing shingle siding, one of the places where installers usually end up spending the most time is at the corners of the home since the traditional method is very time consuming. Installers need to cut and adjust to ensure a perfect fit, and touch-up stain must be applied.

That is where Maibec woven corners come into play: they cut installation time by more than half! They are pre-cut and pre-assembled. There’s no need for cuts or touch-ups to achieve a flawless finish. Plus, the woven corners have a random width for a more natural look.

Inside and outside corners are available. No touch-ups, no cuts in the field, manufactured finish… Don’t wait to learn more about Maibec woven corners specifications.

Maibec has also recently released a video on the installation of its woven corners. Watch the video… and learn how to cut installation time by more than half!


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