Wood: an Eco-Friendly Choice

29 September 2016

The look and the appearance of your house will largely find their architectural style in the façade cladding you’ve selected. Therefore, it goes without saying that choosing the appropriate material deserves specific attention. Do you know the different options available?

It also has to be kept in mind that there are technical and ecological issues added to the aesthetic aspect that must be answered. Now more than ever, the environmental impacts caused by our decisions need to be considered – and those impacts vary significantly from one siding to the other.

It must be recognized that genuine wood sidings staged a major comeback in the construction and renovation of our building projects – and rightly so. Genuine wood certainly is one of the most distinguished siding, thanks to its participation in combating climate change.

Maibec Genuine Wood

Wood is renewable, sustainable and recyclable, which makes it the very best regarding environmental protection. It offers an astonishing variety of solutions, facets and shapes while perfectly matching both classic and modern styles. More importantly, its maintenance is much easier than it seems!

The advantages of wood therefore go well beyond its aesthetic look. Rich, noble and authentic, genuine wood is best known for its ecological properties. It generates very little pollution during extraction and production, which makes it a top-notch eco-friendly material.

In any case, take time to make a wise choice that is not only in harmony with nature, but with your neighbourhood, your tastes and your budget. Don’t hesitate to seek advice and additional information from experts in the field!

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