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New! Maibec
1 Piece Corner

For a flawless finish and faster installation.

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Six new exclusive natural tones for our engineered siding

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The best of

Will not warp. Withstands impacts and harsh conditions.

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New H-joint mouldings

Painted the same colour as your siding to hide the gap between two runs of lap siding

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The North American benchmark

Recognized integrated exterior siding systems

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Resistant. Aesthetic. Ingenious.

The Maibec Resistech™ engineered siding system takes performance and functionality further. Its pretreated oriented strand board construction reinforces its structure and creates an aesthetic appearance in any colour of your choice. It’s easy to install and to maintain, and its strength is optimized with Maibec’s proven paint application process.

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Maibec solid colours

For all your Maibec Resistech™ products.

Five time-proven palettes created by professionals and inspired by nature. Each one emphasizing the warm, organic beauty of Maibec Resistech™ engineered siding.

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