All the colours in your nature. Welcome to Maibec’s virtually infinite universe of colours: a vast selection of no-fail solid colours, or even your own custom colour. Whatever the colour you choose, you can always count on high-quality paints, factory-applied in a controlled environment.
Maibec solid colours

For all your Maibec Resistech products.

Four time-proven palettes created by professionals and inspired by nature. Each one emphasizing the warm, organic beauty of Maibec Resistech engineered siding.


Soft blues, whites and greys bringing to mind warm summer breezes and sun-kissed waterfront homes.


Rich blues and greens reminiscent of the peaceful tranquillity found only in the forest.


Pale whites, yellows and creams that reflect light and enhance the luster of countryside homes.


Rich earthy shades of brown, ochre and red drawn from the mountains and the land.

Natural tones

For all Maibec Resistech products

Created through Maibec-exclusive stains that actually increases durability and perfected through our unique manufacturing process suitable for engineered siding. Six timeless shades available that create a 2-tone effect for a rich and natural finish.

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Custom colours

Tell us the colour you want and we will produce the exact solid paint match with our proven Maibec TrueMatch® system.

No matter what colour you choose, you can count on our famous high-quality paints, factory-applied in a controlled environment.

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Maibec offers a selection of products in today's most popular solid colours. See your retailer for available colours and delivery times in your area.

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