Siding system specialist. Maibec is a North American benchmark for residential and commercial integrated siding systems. In addition to our different sidings, our coordinating accessories, our innovative installation solutions, or our recognized expertise in staining process, we offer a complete range of complementing siding products of proven superior quality.
Ventilated strips

When it comes to performance, good design goes a long way. Our entire line of ventilated strips is based on our exclusive perforated 50% open design. Our ventilated strips will improve the performance and life of your siding, help to keep it looking its best and prevent damages from rodents and certain insects.

Ventilated starter strip
Ventilated universal “L” strip
Ventilated “J” strip
Ventilated universal band
Joints solutions
H-joint moulding
"T" transition trim
"H" transition trim
"C" transition trim
Ventilated spacer

The ventilated spacer is used at the top and the bottom of the panels, and supports them while providing continuous ventilation and drainage behind the wall.


Maibec Resistech™ siding is installed with Maibec hot dipped galvanized steel ring shank corrosion resistant nails with textured head. These 2 ½’’ nails have rings starting at 3/8" from the head, and are necessary for a compliant installation of Maibec Resistech™.