Quality equals performance. The same exemplary attention to detail that has shaped Maibec’s reputation for over 40 years now also applies to our new line of engineered wood products. No matter which Maibec Resistech™ engineered siding product or paint you choose, you can always count on the same proven quality control that we are famous for.

High-performance engineered siding

Will not warp. Maibec Resistech™ engineered siding is made from high-performance oriented strand board (OSB). The oriented strands form a geometric structure that maximizes the siding’s dimensional stability. Powerful binding agents weld and solidify the material.

Protected from end to end

The laminated boards are entirely encased in a coating of special wax, industrial resin and zinc borate. Resins, additives and paint protect Maibec Resistech™ products from damage caused by water infiltration, fungal rot and pests.

Ultra-resistant surface

The surface layer of Maibec Resistech™ products is saturated with industrial grade resin that shields it from impacts and external elements, resulting in a surface of superior strength. The quality of the textured surface, which is free of knots or other aesthetic defects, also improves paint adhesion.

Maibec quality paints

Our vast staining expertise has allowed us to develop a paint application process specifically adapted to the physical characteristics of Maibec Resistech™ siding. In other words, you benefit from the best paint application process in the industry. Paints are factory-applied to all products in a controlled environment and then dried in a high-intensity kiln.

Strict quality control

Our strict quality control is backed decades of experience and applied to every step in the manufacturing process, from the raw materials right up to the final product. Our manufacturing process is regulated by strict quality control standards and the careful selection of finished products before every delivery. It’s how we consistently ensure products of superior quality, consistency and uniformity.

Easy installation system

To make installation and meeting building codes easier, Maibec constantly innovates with proven solutions. Maibec Resistech™ siding products result in fewer joints and less waste, and require no specialized tools. Our ventilated starter trim also makes it easier to ensure siding is level during installation.