All the colours in your nature. Welcome to Maibec’s virtually infinite universe of colours: a vast selection of no-fail solid colours, exclusive semi-transparent stains that let the natural beauty of the wood grain shine through, or even your own custom colour. Whatever you choose, you can always count on high-quality stains, factory-applied on all six sides.
Maibec solid colours

For siding, shingles and trims.

Five time-proven palettes created by professionals and inspired by nature. Each one emphasizing the warm, organic beauty of Maibec genuine wood siding.

Natural tones

For siding and trims

Available only from Maibec, our popular Natural tones are achieved through a unique process that increases durability while reducing the time-consuming maintenance often associated with traditional semi-transparent stains. Eight timeless shades available in our URBAHN™ textured and brushed face finishes.

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Maibec URBAHN™ solid colours

For siding and trims.

In addition to its eight Natural tones, the Maibec URBAHN™ brushed-face finish comes in a selection of solid colours. Whatever your choice, the combination of colour and brushed finish will produce stunning nuances in shade that subtly change throughout the day.

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For shingles.

The Spice series. Four gorgeously rich shades available only from Maibec. Manufactured with high performance resins for less maintenance than traditional semi-transparent stains.

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Custom colours

Tell us the colour you want and we will produce the exact solid stain match with our proven Maibec TrueMatch® system.

No matter what colour you choose, you can count on our famous high-quality stains, factory-applied on all six sides.

Order a custom sample here. Scan your custom colour.

In a hurry?

Siding products available quickly.

We offer a selection of profiles in our most popular solid colours and Natural tones. See your retailer for available colours and delivery times in your area.

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