Contemporary and cosmopolitan. Maibec’s exclusive URBAHN™ brushed-face finish was created for today’s modern architectural designs. Softer to the touch and pleasing to the eye, it has become the must-have finish for those looking to bring out the organic richness of the wood grain in their contemporary projects.

Light up your home

Our Maibec URBAHN™ brushed-face finish comes in 8 Natural tones and in a selection of solid colours. Whatever your choice, the combination of colour and brushed finish will produce stunning nuances in shade that subtly change throughout the day.


Aesthetic & easy-to-maintain

We perfected our exclusive brushing process over several years of research. The lightly textured Maibec URBAHN™ finish ensures optimum stain adherence for optimal durability, while retaining that smooth finish you’re looking for.


Quick & easy installation

Our Maibec URBAHN™ brushed-face finish is available with our innovative Maibec em+ installation system. This time-saving system developed by Maibec features end-matched tongue and groove joints that firmly secure the siding at the top, bottom and ends of every board. A perfect fit—every time and from every angle.