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Horticultural mulch

Horticultural mulch is probably the easiest way to improve the appearance of any garden. Mulch prevents the growth of weeds, retains moisture in the soil, and protects the roots of your plants from frost. In other words, its greatly reduces the amount of gardening (and weeding!) you have to do to keep your garden looking its best. Less watering also makes for a more environmentally-friendly garden.

You can find Maibec cedar mulch in Natural, Nevada Brown , Horizon Black and Yucatan Red. Contact us for nearby distributors.

Packaging Bags/Pallet
Cedar mulch, 3 cu ft bags 65
Cedar mulch, 2 cu ft bags 90
Cedar mulch, 2.5 c.y. bales 2
Cedar mulch, 5 c.y. bales 1
Pine mulch, 3 cu ft bags 50
Pine mulch, 2 cu ft bags 70
Hemlock mulch, 3 cu ft bags 50
Hemlock mulch, 2 cu ft bags 70