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June 1, 2020

5 Reasons Why Spruce Is a Great Choice for Exterior Siding

Spruce is a solid wood found almost everywhere across Canada. This conifer possesses a number of beneficial characteristics that make it a great choice for exterior siding. Find out what they are!

Natural and authentic

With its gorgeous coloring and visible knots, spruce lends a unique texture to exterior siding that’s full of character and personality (plus the option of going with a textured or Maibec URBAHN™ ).


Unlike other types of exterior siding, spruce generates far less greenhouse gas over time. According to a 2011 lifecycle analysis by Cecobois, a regional program of the Québec Forest Industry Council, vinyl, fiber cement, brick and steel alone produce 97.9% of all greenhouse gas emissions over a period of 50 years, compared to only 2.1% for spruce.


“The forest grows naturally across Canada and the transformation of trees, which is minimal, gives us access to a raw material boasting several benefits, especially from an ecological viewpoint.” (FP Innovation, 2017).


Proof that spruce siding is a smart choice for your home, and for the environment. 

Shock resistant

The cellular composition of spruce gives it a natural elasticity that makes it more resistant to impacts than other types of siding – whether it’s hailstones or a rock from a lawnmower.

Attractive and affordable

In general, wood siding can boost a home’s beauty and value for a reasonable cost. Spruce offers particularly great value for money, which makes it very affordable.


The durability of spruce makes it a long-lasting choice for exterior siding. It can easily be repainted or repaired instead of having to be completely replaced, as is often the case with synthetic materials.


Find the right siding color for your home with the Maibec color chart. It’s full of inspiring ideas!


 In brief, spruce is a natural material that is resistant, timeless and kind to the environment. If you’re looking the best siding for your home, you’ll love spruce and the long-lasting peace of mind it can offer.

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* Source: Guide des meilleures pratiques d’installation du bois massif, FP Innovation, 2017.

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