Maibec in Masardis: An internship program that could build careers

25 May 2018

Reggie Berry is a student attending Ashland District School who has spent part of his senior year working as an intern in our Masardis lumber mill. As recruitment was starting to become a challenge at our Maine location, we've established a partnership with the school in order to train a student that showed interest in learning about the work itself and developing new skills. And it turns out that Reggie will most likely be part of our next generation of mill workers!

Knowing that Reggie wanted to stay in the county after college, we saw an opportunity to fill one of our electrician positions. And as a result, Maibec will be paying this student his college tuition at the Northern Maine Community College for the next two years. As for Reggie, he agreed to attend the electrical construction and maintenance program and then come back to work for Maibec for the following five years.

"It's going to work out great for him," said Ben Lothrop, Maibec's human resources manager in Masardis. "We're hoping it works out great for us and we end up with a good long term employee that is well skilled and ready to help us out."

If the program proves to be a success with Reggie Berry, Maibec will likely continue their partnership with Ashland District Shcool in order to educate, train and specialize the next generation of millwrights and electricians.


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