Our successful 4.0 turn

28 March 2018

The Canadian wood industry has faced a number of challenges in recent years. The closing of several factories pushed Maibec to take the "Factory 4.0" approach, favoring process control through Information Technologies.

By specializing in some niche products shunned by large companies, Maibec has managed to pull out of the game and stand out from its competitors. By putting tools in place to better understand the needs of its customers, by mapping its suppliers merchandise and connecting its processes to demand, Maibec has maximized its production of sample wood and developed several other products.

"This investment, spreaded over 12 years, has enabled us to develop expertise in the manufacturing of some 200 different products," says Jean-Sebastien Pelletier, Director of the Maibec Wood Complex in Saint-Pamphile QC, which points out that the 4.0 Avenue has been more than beneficial to them. Once again, Maibec has demonstrated its ability to renew itself and adapt to ever-changing markets and contexts.

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