Welcome to the Smart Factory Era!

13 March 2017

Since 2006, the Maibec sawmill in Saint-Pamphile has invested close to $1 million in the acquisition of performance data at all stages of the sawmilling process. Simply by looking at a computer, the customer relations manager can now see real-time data on the plant’s production and so better plan the schedule of sawing and planing, while all data is compiled to facilitate decision-making during planning.

Maibec's powerful and efficient software to get real-time dataThe PMP software is a true revolution. According to established priorities (production or specific products), this solution offers an optimal weekly schedule, in which additional products can be added to meet a customer’s need, if required. With this new information system, the plant has managed to improve its delivery deadlines as well as the proportion of value-added products and drying capacity.

To invest in plant data management in order to improve drying efficiency, instead of buying a new dryer for instance, was the beginnings of the smart factory. After rapidly integrating a similar system into the planing, the plant integrated it with inventory and transactional systems, which became fully automated. This operation was also set up to create links between the sawmilling, drying and planing departments, to ensure that all teams now work together.

Following the implementation of this planning system, in 2012, Maibec invested $28 million in plant upgrades, reducing the cost of production. Then, in 2015, the factory installed the PMP TeamMate, a real-time production performance data platform. Not only does the system produce detailed analyzes and reports on key performance indicators every day, but it also keeps all the data generated by the plant. It’s an understatement to say that this data management system has completely transformed the tasks of employees.

More intelligent and more modern than ever, the Maibec sawmill in Saint-Pamphile continues to improve, so keep in touch for full details on its evolution. Any question? Contact us directly!

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