All the colors in your nature. Welcome to Maibec’s virtually infinite universe of colors: a vast selection of no-fail solid colours, exclusive semi-transparent stains letting the natural beauty of the wood grain shine through. And why notyour own custom color? Whatever you tastes, you can always count on high-quality stains, factory-applied on all six sides. In a hurry? Have a look into our Stock Program! Shingle siding products available faster in a pre-defined choice of solid colors.
Stock Program

Shingle products available quickly.

Benefit from a selection of shingles among our most popular solid colors. See your local retailer for available colors and delivery times.

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Maibec Solid colors

For siding, shingles and trims.

Five time-proven palettes created by professionals and inspired by nature. Solid colors are now all available in the textured finish and in the brushed-face finish.

TrueMatch® custom colors

Tell us the color you want for your shingles and we will produce the exact solid stain match with our proven Maibec TrueMatch® system. No matter what color you choose, you can count on our famous high-quality stains, factory applied on all six sides.

Order a custom sample here. Scan your custom color.

Get the look of naturally weathered shingles sooner!

Our innovative H2BO stain speeds up or imitates that gorgeous sun-bleached look while ensuring long-lasting performance in coastal areas. Available in 2 different tones, Light gray H2BO and Dark gray H2BO.

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Spice series for shingles.

The Spice series. Five gorgeously rich shades available only from Maibec. Manufactured with high performance resins for less maintenance than traditional semi-transparent stains.

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Natural tones

Due to high demand and supply difficulties, Maibec Genuine wood siding is temporarily unavailable.

For lap siding.

Do you love the nuanced variations of genuine wood siding? Our Natural Tones will be the perfect fit for you. Each board has various undertones of the same color that vary with the richness of the texture and wood grain. You’ll get that natural look you were looking for. Take advantage of Maibec’s unique process that increases durability while reducing the time-consuming maintenance often associated with traditional semi-transparent stains. Choose among our eight Natural tones in textured and Maibec Urbahn™ brushed finishes.

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The colors shown are represented as accurately as technology permits. Color variation may occur.