Due to high demand and supply difficulties, Maibec Genuine wood siding is temporarily unavailable.

A time-proven choice. For over 40 years, Maibec siding has been famous for its durability and high quality finishes available in an impressive variety of colours. Our genuine wood siding is made according to the industry’s strictest standards for performance and appearance. Whether used alone or combined with our moulding or shingles, Maibec siding will lend organic beauty and warmth to any architectural style for years to come.

Siding and trims are available in the following states: CT, ME, MA, NH, NJ, NY, RI, VT, PA


Widths and styles for any architectural style. Five profiles to create a truly unique look. Install horizontally or vertically, combine with shingles or even with other materials.

Rabbeted bevel
Board & Batten

Two surface types to accentuate contemporary or more traditional homes. Two manufacturing processes, both of proven quality.

Textured finish

100% authentic. With its visible wood grain, our textured finish produces that classic warm look that never goes out of style. Available in a wide range of solid colors and Natural tones.

Maibec URBAHN brushed-face finish

100% contemporary. This finish exclusive to Maibec is ideal for urban or contemporary homes. Still featuring that organic visible wood grain, but with a less textured finish.

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Installation systems

The rainscreen installation system: the best protection for your siding and home

Water penetration can do serious damage to a home. That’s why Maibec follows the industry’s best practice of requiring a rainscreen (air gap) between its genuine wood siding and the weather resistant barrier.

The rainscreen siding installation system allows walls to stay dry in all seasons and conditions. It prevents condensation and moisture from accumulating, which can eventually lead to mold and rot.

The air gap allows any water that penetrates through the siding (such as from rain or wind) to drain away and dry out. It also allows any water vapor expelled from the interior by the weather barrier to escape without damaging the wall assembly.

Color Chart

A virtually infinite universe of colors.

With Maibec, finding the right color is easy. No matter what color you choose, you can always count on quality stains that have been meticulously applied in our factory under ideal conditions.

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Solid colors

Nearly 100 shades. Professionally created solid color palettes conveniently organized in five stunning, nature-inspired collections.

Natural tones

A nuanced effect that will charm you. Each board has various undertones of the same colour that vary with the richness of the texture and wood grain. Eight rich shades and Maibec’s unique process that increases durability while reducing the time-consuming maintenance often associated with traditional semi-transparent stains.

TrueMatch® Custom Color system

Pick a color. Any color. Give us any color sample, and our specialists will create a solid stain that matches it perfectly. The fastest, easiest way to get Maibec’s high-quality factory stained siding in the exact color you want.

Scan your custom color.

The key to siding performance.

At Maibec, we’re constantly coming up with new ways to make meeting installation requirements as easy as possible.

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Ventilated starter strip

Made of galvanized steel. Helps to provide needed ventilation and drainage while preventing insects and rodents from penetrating behind the wall.

All the documents you need

Maibec offers a full range of technical sheets, videos and guides to make installation as quick and easy as possible.

Touch-up stain

For covering nail heads and touching up the ends of cut boards.


Guaranteed peace of mind.

Your Maibec siding embodies our unmatched expertise in North America. See the key steps that go into ensuring our genuine wood siding delivers long-lasting quality—from the selection of logs to factory-staining the final product.

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As solid as our reputation. Enjoy peace of mind with warranties you can count on. Our culture of commitment, responsibility and transparency is backed by more than 40 year of expertise.

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Textured finish warranty

  • 25 years* against wood decay
  • Up to 10 years* on solid stain 2 coats
  • 8 years* on Natural tones
  • 3 years* on labor

Maibec URBAHN brushed-face finish warranty

  • 25 years* against wood decay
  • Up to 10 years* on solid stain 2 coats
  • 3 years* on labor

*Some restrictions apply.

*Some restrictions apply
*There is no warranty on H2BO products