Consistent quality. To earn the Maibec stamp of approval, every board of siding must go through a series of critical steps. Throughout this tightly controlled manufacturing process, we combine today’s advanced technology with the recognized know-how of our in-house experts.

Only the best of every tree.

When it comes to selecting raw materials, our strict process ensures that only wood meeting our high quality standards is chosen. Every board of Maibec siding is the result of a rigorous selection and manufacturing process meeting strict quality standards. Only the best of every tree goes into our siding, guaranteeing responsible use of the resource.

Optimal drying

Our drying technique has been perfected over decades. It allows us to produce balanced boards with optimal stain adhesion and minimal movement in extreme conditions. Thanks to our extensive know-how and specialized equipment, we can control moisture content throughout the entire thickness of the siding, with very little variation from one board to the next.

Careful selection. Precise cutting.

Our leading-edge equipment ensures consistent profiling precision. Each and every board is carefully analyzed—from the structure of the knots to the orientation of the wood grain; even the board’s roughness and visible resin are taken into consideration. Any imperfections that may affect the siding’s performance are carefully controlled.

The perfect marriage of wood and color

Only Maibec develops its stains in close partnership with top stain manufacturers according to our own factory application process and the inherent properties of the wood species we work with. We then factory apply our stains to all six faces of the siding in a controlled environment and dry it in a high-intensity kiln for optimal durability. Extreme conditions testing enables us to develop stains with protection against the damaging effects of the sun, inclement weather and the natural environment.

Strict quality control based on decades of know-how.

Every tree is unique. And every board of siding in your project has its own unique characteristics. Knowing this, Maibec imposes the strictest quality standards throughout its entire manufacturing process—from selecting the resource to packaging the final product. This careful attention to detail is the reason why we are able to offer such consistent quality, order after order.