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Instant inspiration!

Discover our Nautilia, Balsamia, Provincia and Terra inspirations. Four professionally-created colour palettes inspired by the beauty of nature, in traditional and contemporary shades that complement today’s latest trends. Instant inspirations worthy of your imagination!

Nautilia inspirations

Soft blues, whites and greys... our Nautilia inspirations are reminiscent of warm summer breezes and sunny lake front homes.

Balsamia inspirations

Our Balsamia inspirations feature deep blues and greens that are evocative of the peaceful tranquility found in the forest

Provincia inspirations

Our Provincia inspirations use pale whites, yellows and creams to reflect light and emphasize a home’s luster, while bringing to mind rolling hills and the lush countryside.

Terra inspirations

Our Terra inspirations feature rich earth shades of brown, ochre and red that blend seamlessly with the ever-changing beauty of the surrounding woodlands.

The maibec chart includes many no-fail combinations
to help you find the right mix of colours to tie it all together

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