revêtements maibec sidings

Truly timeless.Simply inimitable.

Can anything match the classic warmth and beauty of stained Eastern White Cedar shingles? We think not. As for durability, this natural material has proven reliable for well over a century.

The maibec shingle system

maibec’s full range of genuine wood shingle products means there’s a shingle for every wall :

Individual shingles

Ideal for façades, where most details can be found.

Woven corners

Ready-to-install corners that will save you more than 20% in installation time, while ensuring sensational results.

Pre-assembled strips

The best way to cover large surfaces with few details.


Shingle dormers and gables in less time with our wide shingles

Victorian shingles

Great for emphasizing architectural details such as gables. A wide selection of original designs to choose from.

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Maibec offers many types of finish : solid stain (2 coats), semi-transparent (‘’spice’’ series) and bleaching oil.

Maibec offers you a 50-year warranty against wood decay, a 15-year warranty on two coats of solid stain. For more information, see detailed warranties.

Individual Shingles – The Classic

Individual Shingles
• Resquared and rebutted for a beautiful high-quality finish
• Long-lasting stability and durability

Technical specifications pdf

To find out more, see the maibec Individual Shingle Installation Guide pdf

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